Thursday, June 28, 2012

from Psalms and Revelations...

Oil on Panel 8" x8" nfs

Oil on Cradled Panel 8"x8"    $85

"Leaves" was done for a dear friend to celebrate her birthday.  I am pleased with the result and with the continuity with paintings done for my Masters of Fine Arts degree years ago. I love combining scripture verses with visual ideas.

Until I started the painting of leaves for June, it never ocurred to me to use my own script rather than an attempt at lettering. I love scratching a signature through the paint and I am quite happy with the painterly quality of writing into the paint. The dove painting was done months ago , but I was never satisfied with the results. I like this much better. I think I will play with this concept again.

Roses and Peonies progressive....

Still not finished, still spending my time elsewhere.... but making bits of progress....It will happen!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Roses & Peonies continuing....

As it was when I finished painting on Friday night....Some work with the peonies and some with the roses ~ hoping to get them painted before they fade completely...

Saturday I was able to work until nearly 9:00p.m. when my dear nephew, David, came for a visit with Carmen, his wife and their two wonderful children!  Their second child, Naxully, is nearly 18 months old and I have only seen her once when she was a tiny baby.

 It is wonderful to have them in my home!

We plan to make a sight seeing tour tomorrow to Twin Falls. What fun to travel with them. I will be a total zombie by the time we return home, but that is OK. I can rest in the days that follow with happy memories of our time together and get back to my painting when possible.

People, especially family take first priority!

Here is the progress of Saturday... I got it signed (rid of the white place in the lower right....). And more flower work. Now to pull it all together.... and finish the other Still Life elements.

And a photo of the family playing with blocks! Everyone was tired from the trip, so playtime was quite short...  Nephew, David on the floor with the children, David Alexander and little princess, Naxully. Mom, Carmen looking on. How I love having them visit!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Roses & Peonies, a begining....

At last! I began the day with a new painting, first time with my brush and colors in three weeks!!!! After such a time, one wonders if it will ever work again.... This morning has been dreamy! New color relationships are developing. New observations are being made. Feelings are flowing onto the canvas.

Here is a preliminary peek......
...and a bit further along.... Am I feeling joyfully alive? Oh, yes!!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


All three days of the Birthday Celebration/ Painting Sale Party have been adventurous, successful days! I deeply appreciate all who came to the studio and visited and all who made purchases! I was extremely pleased and encouraged by people who came on Thursday. And Friday was even more fun than Thursday!!!  Today was quieter, but had special significance in the people who came.

As a painter I find that happiness for me happens when someone finds a painting they love which will bring them inspiration and joy. At that moment I realize I must have painted it just for them.... I only thought it was for my joy in making it.

That has happened several times over the three days!!!

My dear friend, Cheryl, made phenomenal cup cakes to serve my guests.

 As things were winding down this evening, I realized that the Cup Cakes were needing to be set in paint.  They are SO beautiful in addition to being delicious!!! They have been a visual treat all three days. Many asked if I had made them.... sadly, no, but I am deeply appreciative of Cheryl's talents and generosity in sharing them with me! She is a STAR!

The painting is not wonderful but will serve nicely to remind me, and all of us who enjoyed them. Thank you, Cheryl!!!!

Chocolate Mint and Strawberry Cup Cakes
Oil on Canvas 6"x6" nfs

Monday, June 4, 2012

Five days.....

Whee! The Studio Party is about to begin.... Everyone is invited to come to my studioThursday, Friday, and Saturday afternoons and evenings to pick out your painting!

The Internet Party continues until Midnight Saturday, June 9, 2012. Then I will remove all the current PEP* Sale Price "Buy Now" buttons and replace them with the regular prices.

* PEP- Plumbing Emergency Price


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