Saturday, February 18, 2012

Red,Red Rose

                                        Exploring the Depth of the Red Rose One More Time
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas 6"x6" sold
Exploring the same subject several times is wonderful! In this case, these two roses have been viable for several days and so, with these great little canvases, I have been able to really feel, scrutinize, and think  with color and brush. I think I have gotten better.... Do you?

Painting all this red today was a total joy! So much joy, that I added some gold leaf on two of the edges. You can see just a hint of it on the right hand side as the canvas wraps around.
From the buyer....."I received your beautiful paintings today! I was so excited! They are lovely! And you wrapped them so elegantly! I love them! Love the note cards as well.
Thanks for them all!  Luv, LaRae"

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Red Rose, White Rose

Red Rose, White Rose
Oil on Cradled Canvas Panel    8"x8"  sold
My plan for Valentine Paintings of a red rose changed when I saw this beautiful white rose.....Wonderful white roses are relatively rare, they are often puny with few petals. As with all of us, my dollars are pretty puny now too, but I knew I would be sorry if I did not get both. Besides Valentines Day is always best celebrated between people who love each other ~ a duet!
Here is a duet to celebrate Love!
Thank you for looking!
From the buyer of this painting.... "Feel free to use my comment on your blog. In fact, I have another one! These paintings are much more beautiful "in person"! Thanks for making them available to those of us who live so far away, Luv, LaRae in AZ"

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Red Rose for Valentines Day!

                     Valentine Red Rose
        Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas   6"x6"  sold
                  Thank you for looking!

Friday, February 10, 2012

White Rose 2

Whispered Love
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas 6"x6"  sold

I am experimenting using this green coloration in preparation for a painting I wish to do for some very special people and their wonderful home.  Having become such a pure color freak, this is a bit foreign, but I do like the result. I will keep working at it...

Thank you for looking, Marilyn Miller

Thursday, February 9, 2012

White Rose

White Rose Open
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas 6"x6" sold
While working as a florist for at least two Valentines days I never saw a white rose as full and beautiful as this one has been....  It has been a joy to make paintings using it as model!

Thank you for looking, Marilyn Miller

Nancy wrote: "Marilyn R Miller, didn't you get my messsage? Your painting DID get here in time! It arrived on Saturday!!! It's beautiful!..... Thank you for the Christmas ornament too!!! You are such a talented artist!
I spent some time just looking at the painting, looking at each brush stroke, imagining how you must have painted each petal and admiring the shading, highlighting and even the tiny veins in the lower petal. It's exquisite! I wouldn't have done it any differently - and I couldn't have done nearly as good of a job!"

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Little Yellow Tulips
Oil on Canvas   6"x6"

Thank you for looking, Marilyn Miller

Unexpected flowers this time of year bring such warmth! And Yellow is an added dimension of heart warming sunshine....

Oil on Canvas Panel 30"x24" Framed in ornate gold frame

When first a leaf  of the Crab Apple tree turns brown and falls from the tree, the apples are still glowing red and the roses next to it are still in summer blossoming beauty.....
In Autumn, its branches bow low. Its beauty is rich in all seasons!

Thank you for looking, Marilyn Miller


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