Saturday, February 18, 2012

Red,Red Rose

                                        Exploring the Depth of the Red Rose One More Time
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas 6"x6" sold
Exploring the same subject several times is wonderful! In this case, these two roses have been viable for several days and so, with these great little canvases, I have been able to really feel, scrutinize, and think  with color and brush. I think I have gotten better.... Do you?

Painting all this red today was a total joy! So much joy, that I added some gold leaf on two of the edges. You can see just a hint of it on the right hand side as the canvas wraps around.
From the buyer....."I received your beautiful paintings today! I was so excited! They are lovely! And you wrapped them so elegantly! I love them! Love the note cards as well.
Thanks for them all!  Luv, LaRae"

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