Monday, May 24, 2010

"Mother's Day Cymbidium"
Oil on Canvas, Gallery Wrap 6"x6"
Dear friend, Pat, presented this pretty coursage to me at Church on Mother's Day! I enjoyed wearing it that day and painting it several days later!
" Snake River Suite: Mt. Harrison from Pelican Point, Heyburn"
14"x42", Oil on Canvas Panel, Gallery Wrap
Drawing and making photos from this place is a delight. I tried several times to be there for one of our wonderful sunsets or dawns. The weather this spring has been most uncooperative.
I will keep trying.
The Canada Geese were a joy to watch. One of the real joys of drawing and painting is that it takes time and during that time, often one sees creatures!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Snake River Suite: Massacre Rocks State Park"
Oil on Canvas Panel, Gallery Wrap 14"x32"  sold
As a child, each time our family drove to Pocatello and went through this area, I would embroidery more into my dream of building a home/studio on these cliffs above the Snake River. It was a magnificent home! Sometimes it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright... other times by me. It had a tunneled elevator down to the boat docks below and a heliport with my own helicopter ~ because this is a remote area... Ah! Dreams!
I still love the looks of my magical cliffs. 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Snake River Suite ~ Shoshone Falls
Oil on Canvas Panel, Gallery Wrap 14"x 32"
A memorable day for me.... four hours spent studying the falls, drawing and painting it and talking with the people who stopped to look.

I always enjoy chatting with people while I am painting! If you see me set up painting somewhere, please, do interrupt me.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Our Community:
From Pelican Point"
Oil on Canvas Panel 16"x 20" sold
First Annual Mini-Cassia Family Values Award ~ May 7, 2010
Last night was a wonderful evening for our community and for me, as an artist.
The first annual Mini-Cassia Family Values Award was presented to Leonard and Betty Martin , of Paul, Idaho. They met and were married in Rupert over 50 years ago, have built a thriving cattle business, had four children, and have added much to out community and their Trinity Lutheran Church in Rupert.
The event was sponsored the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in our area with Brother J. Craig Rowe, of the Seventy in attendance to present the award.
Many of the Martin's family and friends were there to honor them. They were thrilled and felt it a great honor.
Now for my little part.... I was selected to do a painting of our area to present to the Martin family to commemorate the event.
Susan Price asked me a few weeks ago to do it. I really enjoyed the painting though, because of uncooperative wind and weather, it was a bit difficult to get drawings and photos once we had decided on a scene representative of our community.
The painting is done from a place on the north side of the river looking toward Mt. Harrison. Susan Price skillfully drove me to the place and right to the edge of the drop to the water. While I was doing drawings Canada Geese were flying in and wading. So I included them in the painting.... the family element.
Leonard and Betty seemed pleased with it!


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