Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Peonies and Roses, Still in Progress

Last night's work makes three times I have worked on "crocheting" this doily on the painting... It is really great fun, especially on hot days, to work on tediousness which requires little but repeat of a pattern.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Genesis One: Creation Series

Genesis One: A Visual Interpretation in Eleven Paintings

Marilyn R Miller ~ Completed October 2010

1. ...Without Form, and Void...” Genesis1:2

2....Darkness Upon the Face of the Deep...” Genesis1:2

3. ...Let There be Light...” Genesis1:3

4. ...Firmament in the midst of the waters... Let it 
Divide the Waters from the Waters...” Genesis1:6

5. ...Let the Dry Land Appear...” Genesis1:9

6. ...Let the earth bring forth grass,  fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind,  Whose Seed Is in Itself...”

7. ...For signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years... The Greater Light to Rule the Day...”
Genesis1:14, 16

8. ...The Lesser Light to Rule the Night, ...the Stars Also......” Genesis1:16

9. ...Let the waters bring forth abundantly  The Moving Creature That Hath Life, and Fowl 
that may fly above the earth...” Genesis1:20

10. ...Let the earth bring forth the  Living Creature After His Kind, Cattle, and Creeping Thing...”

11. In the Image of God Created He Him;  Male and Female Created He Them...”

The adventure of making this series took two years to complete study, thoughts, and painting. It was completed in October of 2010.

While the actual painting was usually quite fast, the reading and contemplating and arriving at each concept took time and was a wonderful process. It is deeply satisfying to study such classical and beautiful words from scriptures over  time, sometimes spending days with a single verse working out both the meanings and the visual symbol for those words.

The image of the lizard as the "Creeping thing that creepeth", was a fine experience. As I was working through the series, I often contemplated what I might use for that. I had thought I ought to be able to use a bug, a beetle, and  that I could probably get one all by myself. I tried several local bugs.... never good enough. One day as I was looking on the Internet, I found a wonderful photo of a lizard. When I looked up the source, it was from a photographer that lives very near me! I called to inquire what he would charge for a single use of his image. He needed to think about it. A few days later, he brought a fine copy for me to use and asked nothing to use it, AND I could keep the photo! Thank you, Gordan Hardcastle, for allowing me to use it. It is perfect!

Each painting is 16 inches by 16 inches. They are to be hung about two inches apart to make a single continuous composition about  eighteen feet in length.

I have happily been living with it hanging in my studio for nearly two years. I have loved discussing it with studio visitors.

Today the young couple who are purchasing it, and their three dear children came to take it to its new home! I am so thrilled that it is going to them. They have been dear friends of our family for many years and his parents posed for the Man's and Woman's hands.

I loved it when the oldest son, about eight years old, noticed that it was all one picture.

One of the great things about its leaving is that it gives me a fine reason to start all over again. I truly love the Biblical account of Creation. The new series has already begun to take form in my mind.....

This note came on "Facebook" today from the family...."
"Marilyn, the Creation Series is officially on the wall and they look gorgeous. I now just need an excuse for a lot of people to come visit my house and see them!"


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