Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First Autumn Leaf, Weeping Birch
Oil on Canvas 6"x6"

Walking in warmth
With just a bit of breeze foretelling winters depths...
First leaves fall. Sunlight yellow Birch...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Autumn Trees and Leaves...

Weeping Birch Leaves
Oil on Canvas 6"x6"  PEP $30
On a walk with my little Chihuahua a few weeks ago we found irrefutable evidence that Autumn was coming in these few yellow fallen leaves. At that time the sun was still warming each delightful day. Then came last week and everything has changed. Since last Tuesday, we have had pleasant autumnal rain every day and a few wind storms. This morning started sunny and warm and has ended with soft rain and many leaves of every tree falling.

Oil on Canvas 20"x24"   Unframed $1250 Framed in ornate gold  $1600
Tree of Life images can be found in most cultures, times, and styles of expression. The ideas seem universal. In recent time, Piet Mondrian painted a series of wonderful tree interpretations which when viewed in chronological order as painted, give the viewer a greater understanding of abstract painting.
        My own "Tree of Life" is just outside my kitchen and living room windows. After I quite accidentally did a smaller version as a student demonstration, I really wanted to tackle this painting.
        As I have watched our family and others developing and branching, the imagery and personal interpretations have engaged my heart and mind.
        What do you see?
Thank you for looking at my paintings! I will appreciate your comments...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Slideshow of Studio Sidewalk!

What an exciting day! When I arose at about 6:45am, the all-volunteer crew was already here finishing details and readying the path from the street to the door of my studio, to become a sidewalk! It was fun and amazing to watch it all happen. These photos were selected from the forty plus I took this morning as I watched it all unfold. Everyone worked so wonderfully to make it happen! The craftsmanship is beautiful. It is a signed work! My neighbors, Randy and Kathleen came and assisted too. Randy brought a 2011 penny to put in the concrete. It shines! And the signatures and leaf prints made by Kathleen all look great. I understand it will be ready to walk on late this afternoon....so it will be ready for our studio tour this Thursday!


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