Monday, October 3, 2011

Slideshow of Studio Sidewalk!

What an exciting day! When I arose at about 6:45am, the all-volunteer crew was already here finishing details and readying the path from the street to the door of my studio, to become a sidewalk! It was fun and amazing to watch it all happen. These photos were selected from the forty plus I took this morning as I watched it all unfold. Everyone worked so wonderfully to make it happen! The craftsmanship is beautiful. It is a signed work! My neighbors, Randy and Kathleen came and assisted too. Randy brought a 2011 penny to put in the concrete. It shines! And the signatures and leaf prints made by Kathleen all look great. I understand it will be ready to walk on late this it will be ready for our studio tour this Thursday!

1 comment:

Nancy Laliberte said...

WOO HOO! A beautiful sidewalk indeed! Love the neighborly embellishments. ;-)


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