Thursday, January 2, 2014

Here goes 2014!

A palette is the most interesting tool I have available. It holds all the pigments I have available to create all, every, and each color imaginable! And the space to mix them ~ each and all! 
To start this 2014 year I decided to clean mine. If possible, I will send the photo I just took of my fresh, clean palette with my,as yet, very mysterious tablet. It is quite stunning to this old lady to be able to discover the tablets' abilities! Even a few of by one. (I love that it knows to start sentences with capital letters!)
Back to the palette.. I did save a few bits of paint as I cleaned it. They were fresh and still usable!
I started a painting a few days ago so that when I came back to the studio, I
I would have something under way ....started...would not need to figure out totally new thoughts....But now I am thinking,WHY NOT!?!
Very few people are at all interested in what I have been painting....Perhaps this is a time for NEWNESS!
(I wish I knew how to make grammatical corrections on this tablet...many are needed. I will discover that as I go step by step too!)
I will not immediately toss out all that I have been doing, just approach my paintings with a new outlook.... with less hesitancy...more willingness to accept what I wish to do....more artistic courage.
So,off I year, new steps to take... small and timid for now.....Deep breath....I am off!
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