Monday, January 24, 2011

Day in the Studio

Mt. Harrison, Close Southwest View
Oil on Canvas Panel 24"x30"
by Marilyn R Miller
Oil on Canvas Panel 16"x20"PEP $200

Sunny Geraniums
by Marilyn R Miller
Oil on Canvas Panel 8"x8"

Today was the best studio day in months for me.
I was finally able to finish the little geranium painting. Its purpose was to bring a little color and light into the greyness of January. It should have taken a couple of hours, but with many interruptions, a lethargic painter, and a discouraging start, it took a week and a half.
After the last yellow was in place on it, I had a desire to whack into the beginning of "Timpanogos" with total abandon.That was a great joy. It may not be really finished. It was so exhilarating, I may attack it again... with more color. The wacky brush work was enjoyable and gave me freedom!
With that freedom, I pulled out another start from October, "Mt. Harrison, Close Southwest View", and gave it a new life with color.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Timpanogos, a new painting in progress by Marilyn Miller

Work in progress, I hope.... It has been difficult for me to get back into working after fighting a cold gone to bronchitis for several weeks. Yesterday I jailed myself. I went to the studio and was determined to not leave til I had put some paint on a canvas. I thought up some great delay tactics! All needing to be done, all semi-legitimate, but all just putting off what needed to be done. I finally did get this started and am now trying to decide if it warrants further work. What do you think??????

Maple Leaves ~ Oil Painting by Marilyn R Miller

Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas 16"x20"


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