Monday, January 24, 2011

Day in the Studio

Mt. Harrison, Close Southwest View
Oil on Canvas Panel 24"x30"
by Marilyn R Miller
Oil on Canvas Panel 16"x20"PEP $200

Sunny Geraniums
by Marilyn R Miller
Oil on Canvas Panel 8"x8"

Today was the best studio day in months for me.
I was finally able to finish the little geranium painting. Its purpose was to bring a little color and light into the greyness of January. It should have taken a couple of hours, but with many interruptions, a lethargic painter, and a discouraging start, it took a week and a half.
After the last yellow was in place on it, I had a desire to whack into the beginning of "Timpanogos" with total abandon.That was a great joy. It may not be really finished. It was so exhilarating, I may attack it again... with more color. The wacky brush work was enjoyable and gave me freedom!
With that freedom, I pulled out another start from October, "Mt. Harrison, Close Southwest View", and gave it a new life with color.

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Azra's Painting A Day said...

Hi Marilyn,love your rose paintings! I just saw your entry for the dpw challenge and I've been looking at your blog.This geranium painting caught my eye.The colours are so fresh and beautifully painted.Are you any good at growing them?I left mine out in winter(oops)is there any way of reviving them or should I start again? : ))


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