Monday, September 12, 2011

Crabapple Tree in the Evening
Oil on Cradled Canvas Panel  8" x 8"  $125
This marvelous tree which I see out both the kitchen and living room windows was planted by my Mother in about 1950. I have loved painting its vibrant pink blossoms in the spring, but, though I look at it every day, all year, never thought  of trying to capture the poetry of the whole tree until now. The apples are ripe, ready to begin falling, dinner for squirells.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Peace Rose

Peace Rose
Oil on Canvas 15cm x15cm sold

Growing Peace Roses has been a family favorite for decades probably since the time my parents took us on a trip to the West Coast beginning in Portland, Oregon in time to visit the Rose Festival and see the Rose Parade in about 1949... Each year, my Father loved telling of his largest, "This size across....". rose. We have a photograph taken of my Grandmother Thompson looking lovingly at her first ever "Peace Rose".
        Since those days, there has always been at least one bush  of them in the little rose garden here. I was pleased to see this one a few days ago and record it in paint for all of us

Thank you for looking, Marilyn Miller

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Desert Blossoming

Desert Blossoming
Oil on Cradled Canvas Panel, 8"x8" 
It is difficult at times to remember that we really are in a desert here... Our community Fathers did extraordinary work in making the valley beautifully productive by creating an irrigation system using our Snake River. The farming community and even we city dwellers benefit greatly from their hard work!
This rose was waiting for me in the garden this morning! I spent a wonderful tranquil afternoon in my studio exploring the rose and the day in paint!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sunflower and South Hills

Sunflowers and South Hills
Oil on Cradles Canvas Panel 8"x8"
Years ago friends moving to the West from the Eastern Coast and were amazed and fascinated by the Sunflowers growing wild all along roads and farmlands. They loved them. The first time I drew or painted them was as a gift to them as a thank you for showing me their beauty. Because they enjoyed these "weeds," I saw them with new eyes. I am always grateful to those who assist me to see better!


Sunflowers and Gold
Oil on Cradled Canvas Panel 8"x8"   sold
Second try with sunflowers from a neighbors wonderful garden. Looser... More casual..... like.... sunflowers....


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