Sunday, June 20, 2010

" Mexico City Temple"
Oil in Canvas Panel, Gallery Wrapped 16"x20" sold
Sometimes commissioned work is a special privilege, like this one. A dear nephew emailed to ask me to do this as a birthday present for his wife!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

"In the Garden"
Oil on Canvas Gallery Wrap 24"x30"
This has been a project for a dear friend for many years.. She is a wonderful seamstress who made the dress in the painting for her daughter's baptism.
The dress is silk with layers of inset laces, details of embroidery, ribbons, and layers of underskirts. It is a masterpiece.
Now the beautiful daughter is a college student.... and I am finally getting the courage to say the painting is complete. Probably.
Talking myself into spending the money to purchase a French easel was not easy. Using it the first time was even more difficult. I found excuses from dishes needing to be done to weather not right. Finally today, because of change of plans, I decided today was the day!
No more delay.
It is a delight to work with. I think it might get worn out with use!
Because it was such fun, when I needed more paint thinner, I also grabbed my camera and snapped this picture of the canvas and set up.
The pink thing is Lili's basket, which she opted to not use. She also had a great day playing in the garden-jungle.


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