Monday, March 31, 2008

On the day I began this painting, I brought my painting materials, the canvas, and a big easel (the painting is 8 feet long....) out into the garden to make the preliminary placement of flowers and colors from the border of Peonies, Iris, and poppies in the garden. Joan, one of our wonderful neighbors at that time, came dashing over to see what I was doing. We had a great chat that day and she enjoyed watching the progress of the painting.
When I completed it, I brought it into the kitchen where my Mother who was partially blind could enjoy the colors. It still hangs here in the kitchen even though Mother is no longer here.
This week, it will take a trip to the studio to be on view when guests come on Thursday.

Wild Flowers of Cassia County

Wild Flowers of Cassia County
Watercolor, framed 22"x30"
My Aunt Glenna and I spent a delightful afternoons in the mountains gathering, identifying, photographing, and drawing these wildflowers of Southern Cassia County.
A friend, Jan, dreamed of one day having her own Grand Piano to play "Moonlight Sonata". She loves to grow roses. Last year I painted this painting of her dreams, a fantasy. The doily is one her mother crocheted for her.
Now a piano very similar to the one in the painting is hers!
She plays it beautifully.
"Violets in Teacup"
Spring in Idaho is very dynamic. Today a cold wind is blowing. White, fluffy clouds are passing quickly overhead. Crocus and violets are blooming. I am ready for more flowers... so here they come.... "Violets in a Teacup"


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