Wednesday, April 23, 2014


This has been a most discouraging time. After the disaster of the failed Open House, I have not been able to pull myself into my studio. So far in 2014, I have finished two very small paintings and not bothered to post either of them. Right along with that, nothing has been sold all year.

I am truly feeling lost and that no one notices or cares and that includes me.....

The one bright spot has been the installation by a dear friend, Dave, of a set of shelves on the west wall of my studio for the display of small paintings. They are lovely and the paintings look well displayed.

I have considered making a Web Site.... perhaps that would bring a bit of interest... or not.... My despondency stems from a rejection of my work to a web site long long ago. The person in charge said that my work was too ordinary. I guess he is right. It is so ordinary that no one notices it. I am considering making paintings which are MUCH more loosely constructed.... I am also considering just quitting. Never to paint again. I think I will go lose myself by watching a movie.


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