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I never really intended to move into a larger city, but I have landed and planted in this valley filled with people. When I look at Marilyn's paintings I escape the traffic and asphalt. I feel the fresh breeze, see the wide open expanses, smell the sage, and feel like I have returned home. When my wife decorates a room with Marilyn's art the piece isn't simply added to the room, the piece defines the colors and feeling of the room. Indeed, one of our rooms is perpetually in Fall due to the piece we have hanging there. Each piece we acquire is treasured.

Thom Manning

"Thanks for the beautiful rose. It is lovely and I am so glad to have it. ... Would love to see you sometime. When and where I do not know, but would love it however it could  Lyman and I loved the note cards. "


Blair Hess "The painting arrived flawless and even more perfect than the photograph implied. We have decided to have it framed and then hang it in our bedroom where we can enjoy it together. Incidentally, it matches our linens and things wonderfully...."


Owning Marilyn's paintings is an absolute pleasure.

Each one of her works get a frame and, then a visit to a retirement facility. The residents get so much pleasure out of them. And, they get many compliments.

Next, place is their new home. They each have a prominent place.

My dear cousin has blessed us with such beauty!
The painting arrived just now. I am thrilled with it.
Your art is lovely and I am still getting kudos on my book and its cover!
Love, Mary Bradford

P.S. Mary has offered to send a copy of her poetry book, with this painting as the cover, for $11.95,    free shipping!

Purple: Poems by Mary Lythgoe Bradford

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I will connect you!

I have been staring at your beautiful painting all evening....It is simply gorgeous and is what I had hoped for and more. I have to pinch myself at the miracle of your talent and of our friendship.....Thank you thank you. Cheryl

Mexico City Temple
Sharon" ...saw the Mexico City painting. Dandeeeee job, Marilyn."

Glenna Whitaker:
My home is graced with much beauty from the brush of Marilyn Miller.

My time in the morning’s with my Lord, is graced by her paint brush . Her gift to put life on canvas, starts out my day.

“ A Tea Cup” is embraced near by, as I enjoy a cup. And sit and read scripture and study, Gods Word . “ A Red Geranium" adorns my table near by, and a white cut flower drawing life from a goblet, feeds life into me as I start my day.

A “ Vase of Cut Roses” for my pleasure, white , red, pinks, and rose of color,From buds to full bloom enveloped with intricate detail of each flowers petals and stems and leaves, to look into the heart of each one as it reflects the beauty of the artist, they come alive as you look deep with in them, and almost smell their fragrance fill the room with the aroma of peace.

This brings life back into a tired body as I rest under the “ Branches of the Flowering Crab Tree.” in full bloom.

By choice, my artist and yours, adorns my home with the beauty of her talent and brush, on canvas, shows us through her eyes and heart, this worlds beauty, Marilyn Miller brings life to my wall and pleasure to my heart and soul. Thank you for sharing your gift and love for life with us.


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