Friday, February 12, 2010

"Creation from Genesis 1"
Numbers 1 through 4
"Creation from Genesis 1"
Numbers 4 through 7
"Creation from Genesis"
Numbers 6 through 9
"Creation from Genesis 1"
Numbers 1 through 9
Each painting is 12"x12", oil on canvas panel $300. each
I have been working on this series for months and finally got it hung all together! Even though it still needs to be straighter and I have two more panels to finish, I am glad to finally see it together.
Each painting has its own title as follows:
1. "...Without Form and Void..."
Genesis 1:2
2. "...Darkness Upon the Face of the Deep..."
Genesis 1:2
3. "Let There Be Light..."
Genesis 1:3
4. "Firmament in the Midst of the Waters
...Let it Divide the Waters from the Waters..."
Genesis 1:6
5. "... Let the Dry Land Appear..."
Genesis 1:9
6. "...Let the Earth bring forth Grass, Fruit yeilding Fruit after His Kind,
Whose Seed is in Itself..."
Genesis 1:11
7. :For Signs and for Seasons, and for Days, and Years...
The Greater Light to Rule the Day..."
8. "...The Lesser Light to Rule the Night,... the Stars Also..."
9. "...Let the Waters Bring Forth Abundantly
the Moving Creature that Hath Life,
and Fowl That May Fly Above the Earth..."
Genesis 1:20
And yet to be painted...
10. "...Let the Earth Bring Forth the Living Creature after His Kind..."
11. "...In the Image of God
Created He Him; Male and Female Created He Them..."
Genesis 1:27


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