Monday, July 26, 2010

" City of Rocks from Circle Creek Overlook"
Oil on Canvas 24"x 48"
Detail of Wild Flowers which grow in the City of Rocks Area, southern Cassia County, Idaho
Detail of Sagebrush and Pinion Pine
Oil on Canvas Panel 20"x 16"
This seems to be a season of finishing projects for me.... It feels great. This one is only a few weeks, the next, "City of Rocks from Circle Creek Overlook", has been over a year!
Next will be my saw blade project and "Bennett Springs".

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Abstract One
Oil on Canvas panel 11"x14"
When a dear niece was a three year old, she loved playing waitress and would write down our orders in child scribble with a distinctive pattern. Beginning in the upper left hand corner of the page she worked in bumps she felt looked like writing working to the right edge. Then she would come back to the left with the same words. She would make about three or four lines of that, then go around the outer edges of the paper. I was quite intrigued by the operation and the resulting drawing.
I began copying them. They were just right for working on hot summer days in my south facing studio. At that time (she is now a grandmother....), I worked with watercolor and produced a large series. I still have one of them hanging in my studio. I have long wondered if the idea could travel to oil paint.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oil on Canvas Panel 11"x14"   
Iris and Poppies
Oil on Canvas Panel 20" x16"
Early summer joy to see these two colors together, light blue violet with brilliant red-orange!!


(as Work in progress...)


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