Thursday, June 30, 2011

Xeriscape Garden

Xeriscape Garden
Oil in Canvas Panel 16"x20" sold
A wonderful neighbor makes most delightful plant arrangements which I see and admire throughout the year. This is their June look! I spent a delightful afternoon exploring the colors and textures with my paints today! I am sure I will visit it again with a different palette, or set of colors.    

Pond on a Summer Day

Pond on a Summer Day
Oil on Canvas Panel 16"x20"
I was pleased when a friend told me her Great Grandmother lived near this pond. She recognized it and remembers playing near and around it as a child. For me it is always a pleasant sight. I love the rhythms of the willow tree trunks in all seasons.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Painting Started.... to be continued

On the south side of the freeway going west is a small pond with trees which I have through the years enjoyed watching. I recently made the trip to see it from another angle and liked it too. Because of two big barking dogs, I chose to not leave the car, but sketched from the side of the road. This is from the end of painting day 2. I will be working on it again today! Anyone have suggestions for a title?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Water Falls into the Snake River Canyon

Oil on Cradled Canvas Panel 8"x8"
Tuesday was a glorious day to be painting in the Snake River Canyon at Centennial Park with other artists. This is my result...
It will be shipped as soon as the finish work on it is complete and the painting dry, about two weeks.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Spring Creek
Oil on Canvas Panel 16"x20"
Friends Jan & Dennis have lived on this wonderful Spring and Creek for a few years and I have made the attempt many times to zip out to the spot and paint. I finally made it, but they are several states away for a time.... I guess I was able to make it to the Springs now because I am missing them....
It is a wonderful spot.
While this was done from and one very quick sketch on a very cold day and from memory,  I will go back and work En Pleine Aire (Painting outdoors on location) on another painting.

Crabapple Blossoms

Crabapple Branch in Blossom
36"x15 3/4" Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
It is finished! Below is the pre-finishing session. Because of the slow, cool spring, the wonderful pinkness lasted many more days than usual. Now the blossoms are faded and gone until 2013.... I miss their beauty, but love watching the squirrels eat the apples in the fall and through the winter. It is a wonderful tree all the year Perhaps I will paint it again in the fall with apples and squirrels...


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