Thursday, February 9, 2012

White Rose

White Rose Open
Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas 6"x6" sold
While working as a florist for at least two Valentines days I never saw a white rose as full and beautiful as this one has been....  It has been a joy to make paintings using it as model!

Thank you for looking, Marilyn Miller

Nancy wrote: "Marilyn R Miller, didn't you get my messsage? Your painting DID get here in time! It arrived on Saturday!!! It's beautiful!..... Thank you for the Christmas ornament too!!! You are such a talented artist!
I spent some time just looking at the painting, looking at each brush stroke, imagining how you must have painted each petal and admiring the shading, highlighting and even the tiny veins in the lower petal. It's exquisite! I wouldn't have done it any differently - and I couldn't have done nearly as good of a job!"

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