Friday, May 18, 2012

World's Best Neighbors!!!

Jim's Stone path.....                            Dave, Hannah, and Edie spreading .....             Wonderful Mulch!!!

More dream's coming true!!!! I have the world's best neighbors!!!
Last week, Jim, who lives just west of me, started my Meadow of Wild Flowers by planting a wonderful drought tolerant rose (which will have single pink blossoms) AND by placing the stones to make a circular path through the flowers. I love it! He placed them so interestingly it is a joy to walk on and a visual treat by itself!

This morning my dear neighbor, Julie (who is not in any of these photos... Ooops...), and her two daughters showed up with a large load of precious mulch and proceeded to spread it! They added three more loads as the day went on. Dave, as you can see, got in on it too and really accelerated the process.

All of this was accomplished with a miserable wind blowing... I admire each of them and their ability to work regardless of uncomfortable wind. They all did it lovingly and happily!

It looks so great! Now it is ready to plant! Other neighbors brought lots of packets of wildflower seeds!

How blessed can one  be?

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