Saturday, May 19, 2012

Grandmother's Garden

Lilacs, Bleeding Heart, and Lily of the Valley in Grandmother Miller's Spoon Dish
Oil on Canvas Panel 11"x14"

There are very few reminders of my Father's parents here. There are a few of Grandfather's books, a glass vase given to his Mother by my Father, and this porcelain spoon holder. Each is a sentimental treasure.

The spoon holder no longer  holds water, (I must line it with plastic to use it as a painting source), and has several weak spots, and age spots. I especially love to use it to hold Sweet Peas as models for painting. Sweet Peas are also a very old fashioned flower. I still plan on planting some this year.... But then I always plan to and have not gotten it done for several years.

Both these wonderful spring flowers and the mementos from Grandparents lives provide a cherished link to these people who I never knew but who were important in shaping my life. Decisions they made decades ago brought me where I am now. I revere them. I love them. I appreciate all they did. I wish to commemorate their lives in the only way I know, painting. 

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