Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Each Life...

The past days have been days of faith, prayer and even hope all under a shroud of sadness.

A week ago I learned of the death by his own hand of one whose family is dear to me.

Then this last weekend an acquaintance whom I greatly admire accidentally, while driving, hit and killed a small child. The little boy was the son of friends.

Each of these lives were fragile, tenuous, and precious.
Each life is truly fragile, tenuous and precious.

My life is touched by many individuals and groups. Who is less important than me? Who is more important than me? Do I owe another anything?...

As I see my neighbors, bankers, sales people, church goers, friends, family members, clerks, artists, farmers, students, office workers, transportation workers, customers, other drivers, children, older people ( not many of these any more... I became the old one lots sooner than I expected...), I have been poignantly reminded, especially this week, that each one is dear to me. I wish to learn to accept each as they are at this minute without appraisal, with love and respect. I wish in some way to communicate that love and respect without intrusion

I too often see another as too glamorous, too sloppy, too big, too skinny, too slow, too fast, too smart, too dumb, too neat, too tattooed, too right, too wrong, too rich, too poor, too religious, too sanctimonious, too worldly, or too judgmental (a funny one...).

I feel that the manner we choose for living counts. I choose to accept, respect, and count each life as precious. I have great hope that I may become kinder, more accepting of each one I meet, more appreciative of the battles that each faces, more accepting and respectful.

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