Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seven Posts Challenge

My Most Popular Post has consistently been "Mourning Cloak on Crab Apple Blossoms". I can not find it in my files so this is a similar painting done this year without a butterfly. I do love painting these blossoms each year that they bloom. The tree is now very old (planted in about 1949) and only blooms every other year. One year, as it bloomed, I was sick and feeling so sad until a Mourning Cloak Butterfly appeared and flitted about the blossoms for a time leaving me full of joy!
Most Beautiful Post ~ I lived with this painting for a few years before it found its home and I really enjoyed the serenity of the piece.
Most Proud of this painting done as a commission piece for my dear friends in Switzerland. They have a home in the incredible little valley with these majestic surrounding mountains and they asked me create a painting of it. That alone brought me great joy! But while I was there, there were no mountains, just clouds. So I did it all from photos and what I felt as Karin and I took three separate tram rides to get to the summit of Mt. Titlis, the snow topped mountain on the far right of the painting. At the summit we met up with her husband, Daniel for lunch. He had climbed the mountain! It was great being there with them and seeing their encouraging responses as I made this painting. ________________________________________________
More Attention Deserved? I am not sure of that, but this is the direction I would like to be going with my painting and was just sure it would get a bit of notice.... _________________________________________________
This painting of Shoshone Falls has been Most Helpful to me because it was the first time in many years I had set up on location and made the painting there entirely. I found out I can do it!!! And I have done others since and love working outdoors, en pleine aire. I even purchased a French Easel and really enjoy working with it! _______________________________________________
I was Most Surprised by Success when this painting sold in the Auction on the Daily Paintwork site to benefit the catastrophe in Japan earlier this year. _______________________________________________
Because my faith (I am one of those dreaded "Mormons." Me and Mitt Romney..both very controversial...), I feel this, in today's world of unbelievers, might be my Most Controversial Posting. It was rejected from the Church's International Art competition in Salt Lake after many of my very dear and supportive friends encouraged me to enter the competition. I think I may have deleted the posting after the rejection. Still, it was a fine experience for me. Painting it was quite inspirational and a time of learning and of growing closer to my Savior. __________________________________________________
Nancy Laliberte and I were selected for a broadcast of "Artists Helping Artists"* last year and she has become a treasured and helpful e-friend. I enjoy a subscription to her Blog and she frequently comments on my paintings.
Recently she included me in a this Challenge. I was in the middle of a teaching project and could not get to it (partly because this is difficult!)
I received another artist's response to the same list today and it reminded me that I had not responded, so, here we go..... Thank you, Nancy! I almost found enough to do it....
In many ways, I think each painting I have done fits each category... Except I think I have never painted anything controversial.... I am a cautious old lady... and always have been. Perhaps some of my more religious paintings of Temples or of Christ. And I suppose anything can be controversial if the right, or wrong, person sees it....I have never had enough folks look or comment to make any piece "Popular". Four comments is tops anywhere on my blog.
* Great Blogtalk Radio show created and hosted by Leslie Saeta and Dreama Tolle Perry, two wonderful painters, to assist all artists with the difficult task of marketing. They do wonderful work!!!! Click on the connection in my left column....Nancy's blog is there too...

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