Friday, August 5, 2011

Let's Paint! Oil Painting Workshop July 2011

Merete with her Daisy Still Life Painting
Soni with her Daisy Still Life Painting Connor concentrating! Soni and Merete Drawing in preparation to painting in a neighbor's beautiful garden.
Already a week has gone past since our small Oil Painting Workshop, "Let's Paint!" I was very pleased with all that happened. What a great little group of painters! They were each happy to be painting and willing to try new ideas!
It was a first for me to try out some ideas for a workshop in Oil Painting. I was nervous, but I think it worked out and I am willing to try it all again! Each seemed to feel that it was a fun occasion, each seemed to feel they accomplished and learned. We had great times talking, working, and lunching.
I am very pleased with the paintings they each did, and pleased that each is individual!
A few comments from fine participants:
"This was the most fun time painting!... I plan on taking more classes too!"
"I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I believe I will continue to try to paint. ...I can do this ..."
"...a delight!!!"

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Patch's Mom said...

I am glad that your painting class was a good esperience. It was good to see former classmates that were taking advantage of your artistic wonder. Tell both of them howdy when you see them next.


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