Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sketch of Snake River Canyon Near Twin Falls

Found! A great place to work to paint views of the Snake River Canyon!!! A dear and most hospitable friend is building a wonderful home at this site (imagine arising in the morning to this view.... A-h-h-h....). I was able to spend a couple of hours here yesterday. Just enough time to do this very quick and rough sketch, begin a painting, and take a few photos. The site has many wonderful vistas I will enjoy exploring and interpreting the wonders of the canyon both here on the rim and down in the canyon. I see dozens of possibilities, and my friend is willing, even happy, to have me trespassing!


Patch's Mom said...

That is truly a beautiful scene. I like you have always enjoyed the Snake River Canyon in the area of Twin Falls. Seeing that vista makes me always wonder what is behind all the dams along the Snake River and Columbia River. What did Lewis and Clark and the Pioneers see when they went through this area?

Nancy Laliberte said...

I love this drawing!


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