Sunday, August 1, 2010

White Spring Violets in Red Crystal
Oil on Canvas Panel 6"x4"
With this post, I will be posting paintings already seen on a different Blog. I am facing a few new challenges and will probably not be painting much for at least a few weeks.
These will be some of my favorite canvases, ones that I have enjoyed living with over several months. I hope you will enjoy seeing them too.
And now, I know how to put "Buy Now" buttons so that if a picture comes up that calls to you, it will be easy to purchase it! Each will come gift wrapped (I truly feel that original paintings are a gift).
I love the gift given to me, to see and to draw and paint. I like to have the purchaser feel the joy of this gift by receiving it wrapped.

1 comment:

Nancy Laliberte said...

So great to be brought together via Leslie and Dreama and Artists Helping Artists! Your work is beautiful! Keep painting!
Hugs, Nancy


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