Friday, October 5, 2012

Completed Saw Blade Painting

Four Seasons  Saw Blade
Spring: Doe & Fawn, Bear and Cubs

 Summer: Antelope
Autumn: Mule Deer

Winter: Elk, Mountain Lion, & Canada Geese
Today! Finished!!!!!
Mary and Tyler brought this five foot plus saw blade a few years ago. It sat in the garage for a while. It has been hanging in my studio as hung by Tyler for a few years too while I have struggled to take time to paint it with the animals he and his family love to hunt.Ty is a bow hunter. All have bagged deer. Their living room holds many of their trophy animals. This will go there also. I am so happy to be able to let them kmow it is complete and will be anxious to see it in its new home.
The saw blade itself is from Ty's family. His grandfather owned a saw mill and Tyler was able to keep this blade as a memento. I was quite surprised by it. It is a beautiful object, well designed and very heavy. I enjoy being able to move my cnavas around as I paint, not possible with this. It is being held in place to be painted with   drywall screws and has stayed in place very nicely. Because it is such an interesting object of itself, I wished to retain some of the original texture and color and to make sure the blade keys were visible. Each tooth has two pieces to allow changing single tooth replacements.
I was amazed at the sharpness. As they were hanging the blade, it ripped through six or seven layers of the roll of heavy cotton damn canvas standing next to the easel.
With my family, I remember as a child seeing a similar saw in action at a sawmill here in Northern Idaho. It was impressive to watch as large logs were turned into raw lumber in very few minutes.


Jane said...

With your beautiful paintings on it it almost looks inoffensive, you did an amazing work .

Marilyn R Miller said...

Thank you, Jane! After such a long time, more than a month..., I think I am finally painting again. It feel great!!! How goes your work?


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