Thursday, November 3, 2011

Paintings ....

Painted Lady
Oil on Canvas Panel 8"x10" sold

I noted the butterflies arrival, saw them on intense blue flowers in my neighbors garden for about three days, and then they were gone. I think they pass through just once a year. They were delightful to watch even though they were here so fleetingly.
Paint is a wonderful substance! Oil Paint responds beautifully to being pushed and pulled around on a brush. Color is magical. The depth of color of oil paints is infinite. Harmonies are exquisite. Each color responds to its neighbor

When I cannot work, I feel deprived of the joy of seeing, smelling, and feeling colors and shapes developing. It feels like I have not painted for weeks...Finally today was a great painting day! I am not at all sure that the results look like I had a good day, but I feel like things are back to being right!

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