Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Few Days in May
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas 32" x 14"
This has been a great year in the Crabapple tree! This is the sixth day it has been in bloom and the first day of sunshine with bees buzzing happily around in the blossoms. I love to make at least one painting while it is in bloom. It seems like a fine way to express my gratitude for the tree, its glorious color. I love watching it for hours while the flowers open dark, bright pink and as they get larger and the color changes to a very pale rose-pink. I enjoy hearing the bees working in it. When a Mourning Cloak Butterfly makes its appearance, it is even better. None this year....
I will continue working on the painting, but wanted to post it here as I am posting it on Daily Paint Work for a critique. This is a great opportunity. Artists are generous people in giving recommendations for improving ones work. I appreciate the opportunity and hoe for some good observations.
Your comment will be appreciated too!

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Patch's Mom said...

I looked at your Crabapple oil. It is beautiful. I also checked out your Doodles Blog. I really liked the video. I still think that a desktop or screensaver would be delightful. Have a great painting day.


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