Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Joy in June"
Oil on Canvas Panel 10"x8"
The short days of brilliant, bright and glorious red-orange poppies is here! Wanting to add one to the a painting I am assembling through this growing season, I snapped one poppy, singed its stem with a match, popped it into a vase, and painted it. When I came to the studio the next morning, it was still viable! So I used it as a model the second time on a small vertical canvas and was quite happy with the results. As I was painting it, I considered incorporating some gold leaf in the composition. That was Thursday, June 4, during our local open studio event that we named "1st Thursday". Two of the women who visited that day asked about the gold square on another painting and during our discussion of it one said, "So that is like your signature?" I thought it was a brilliant idea and am considering using some touch of goldness on every canvas..... As the final detail on the Poppy painting I did add some wandering gold.

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