Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our Calm in Storm


The day I drove to Twin Falls to begin this painting was a cold, rainy spring day. Just as I arrived the clouds began to break apart. I loved the results!
Our beautiful, new Temple was a calm place in the midst of the storm! I loved the colors of newly washed and newly grown grass and leaves and the newly washed skies in late afternoon. It was just the right feel for my first painting of this wonderful place.


Grandad and Grandma said...

How beautiful! You have such a wonderful gift, Marilyn.

Prairie Family said...

Oh I just think this is so beautiful.

jeff and alli said...

That is so nice, I really like it.

Blair said...


I saw it on the drawing board months ago but had no idea how great it would look finished. I am very impressed, you completed the temple beautifully!

Nancy said...

How beautiful! I just love it. My mom (Julie Taylor) told me what a wonderful artist you are... I'm so glad I found you on facebook and through there I found your blog. I'm enjoying looking at your art work.


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